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Discover exceptional services tailored to your needs. Elevate your experience with IME Connect – your trusted partner for meetings, incentives, and events. Explore quality, innovation, and excellence with us!

Our Services

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Embark on a journey of unparalleled rewards with our travel incentive trips, where extraordinary experiences await. Travel incentives are enticing rewards that motivate and reward individuals for their achievements or loyalty. These incentives often take the form of all-expenses-paid trips, vacation packages, or exclusive travel experiences. By providing the opportunity to explore new destinations or indulge in luxurious getaways, travel incentives not only recognize and appreciate individuals' contributions but also serve as powerful motivators to drive performance and foster loyalty.  

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Meetings offer an unparalleled opportunity for networking, knowledge-sharing, and business growth. Elevate your industry presence, forge valuable connections, and stay ahead of the curve with exclusive access to the latest innovations. Our events are designed to spark inspiration, foster collaboration, and amplify your brand visibility.

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Elevate your celebrations with our expertly curated events and gatherings that transcend ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. From festive holiday parties that sparkle with joy to sophisticated client events that leave a lasting impression, and team-building events that strengthen relationships and improve productivity - we specialize in crafting experiences that resonate. Our attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to excellence ensure that every occasion becomes a seamless blend of elegance and excitement. Trust us to turn your vision into reality, creating cherished moments that linger in the hearts of all who attend.

frequently asked questions

Q: What sets you apart?
A: The strengths of IME Connect as major differentiators from our competition include:

  • Incentives, Meetings, and Event logistical planning are our singular core competency

  • We are at the forefront of employing mobile technology in the meeting and events space

  • We offer proven expertise in delivering hard dollar savings to clients through strategic supplier analysis, sourcing, and contract management

  • We have strategic partnerships offering an entire enterprise of resources, supplier relationships, and expertise in meetings and events

  • The owners of the company are involved in the success of their client programs – it is a sales-driven ownership

  • Most importantly, we’re focused on the customer and the results of every event


Q: What are the prime destinations right now?
A: Incentives – You can never go wrong with “Sun & Fun” destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, or Costa Rica.
Your group might prefer a European destination or a luxury cruise.

Meetings – Our Sourcing Managers can source hotels and venues in any destination that interests you. We will work with you to find the locations that make the most sense based on various parameters for your meeting.


Q: What types of programs do you offer?

A: Incentive Travel to destinations worldwide, Meeting planning for small board meetings up to large sales meetings and product launches, as well as special Event experiences. 

Q: We have never operated a program before, but are interested. Can you help establish a first-time incentive program?

What do I need to know?

A: Yes! Here are some of the things we do:

  • Understand your goals

  • Balance the right mix of investment dollars, motivating location and program inclusions

  • Listen to you and recommend the perfect destination

  • Secure choice hotels at highly desired times

  • Design activities that will communicate appreciation

  • Add thoughtful enhancements to an arrival experience

  • Manage the details from start to finish

  • Communicate with participants to meet their individual preferences

Q: How do I notify participants that I’m running an incentive program?

A: We will help with a promotional campaign. It can be as simple as a few emails to full-color brochures and monthly mailings as well as an event website.


Q: Do you offer online registration or an app for the event?

A: Web registration and design is available. IME Connect builds and administers custom-designed, online registration websites as well as mobile apps for events.


Q: Can you do a post-event survey so I can get feedback from the participants?

A: Yes, we can customize your survey so you get the answers you need.


Q: I’m not located near you. How will I know I have control and the program will meet my needs?

A: A Meeting Manager is assigned to your program and will be your direct contact for the day-to-day planning. You will also have direct access to the salesperson on your account.


Q: Can you show me samples of your work?

A: We would be happy to discuss our programs with you. Check out our Gallery page to see some photos or email us for specific requests!


Q: Can you provide a list of references?

A: Yes – please e-mail us.

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